Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home & Office Cleanouts in North NJ Due to Hurricane Irene

It has been five weeks since Hurricane Irene hit but many are still struggling to repair all the damages caused by the storm. Estimations run the total damage to reach up to $7 billion and that most of the loss will be from New Jersey and New York properties. Since Irene hit, many New Jersey towns have been seeking help for damages and flooding. Home owners as well as business owners have been hit with debris from trees and bushes and rooms have been flooded so badly that cleanup efforts have been drawn out and delayed. Many residents in the area have been looking for help with debris removal in Bergen County.

Darrin's Cleanout Service has a quick and efficient staff ready to continue helping victims of Hurricane Irene with their home and office cleanouts in North NJ. With a fleet of trucks and dumpsters, Darrin's can properly remove all of your damaged property. If you've been affected by Hurricane Irene, you deserve peace of mind in knowing that your home is being taken care of. With debris cleanout services in North NJ, you can work on going back to how your home and your life was before the storm struck. Let Darrin's Cleanout Service take care of you by removing all your unwanted and damaged items.

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